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best cheap paint sprayer

Nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a one-time painting project, so that is why you should look for the best cheap paint sprayer. Cheap paint sprayers will help to serve you as you paint one piece of furniture, a fence, a set of walls or even an entire home. Affordable paint sprayers are known for being easy to use, easy to maintain and will also save you some time painting as well as money.

In this review, we will take a look at five great and affordable paint sprayers from companies such as Wagner and Tacklife. We will point out their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and then we will choose the best paint sprayer that is worth your money.

Best Cheap Paint Sprayer - Comparison Table 



Hose Length

Editor Rating


HomeRight Finish Max C800766

2.76 Pounds


Wagner FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

10.15 Pounds


Wagner 0518050 Control Spray

2 Pounds


Wagner 0518080 Control Spray


20 Feet

4 Best Cheap Paint Sprayer - In Depth Reviewed   

1. HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer Power Painter

HomeRight is a great place to start for an affordable paint sprayer. Their products are known for being serviceable, easy to use and light in weight. For that weekend warrior, this sounds like a real steal for a one-time project.

This paint sprayer is compatible with all kinds of liquids, such as stains, latex paints and varnishes. Because this sprayer is “self-containing”, it does not require any air to operate. The finish from this paint sprayer is very professional, as a result. The stream of paint is silky smooth and the atomizer makes it so that paint is distributed evenly out the nozzle.

The finish is what makes painting with this paint sprayer enjoyable, overall. In addition to your paint sprayer, you get a warranty that lasts a long as two years. This makes you sure that you get a paint sprayer that works and not end up with any flaws or defects.

The paint cup can hold up to 27 ounces of paint, this is slightly larger than a bottle of soda for one. There are benefits in having a small paint cup, such as having to deal with a lighter paint sprayer overall, but that also means having to go back to your paint bucket to refill more paint. We’d appreciate if the paint cup was larger or we could buy a bigger one that was compatible with this paint sprayer from HomeRight.


  • Is light in weight.
  • Comes with a two year warranty.
  • Works with all finishes and paints.
  • Leaves behind a professional finish.


  • Paint cup is rather small.

2. Wagner FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

Three of our five paint sprayers in this review come from Wagner. Their first offering is the FLEXiO 590, which can give you as much as 125 square feet of paint coverage within a 48-ounce cup.

The FLEXiO is compatible with all kinds of paints, stains, and other water and oil-based liquids. This is meant to be a versatile sprayer that can allow you to paint one application and then stain another within a couple of hours.

Not only is the FLEXiO versatile, but powerful as well. You can control the pressure form one of nine speeds, so you can choose either to have a speedy paint or a more controlled one. This paint sprayer comes with a separate nozzle for thinner liquids as well, like stains.

The sprayer is also rather quiet, and only produced noise up to 65 decibels at a time. Despite being so quiet, it promises you a professional and uniform finish. You will really have a good time with this paint sprayer, for the most part.

The biggest flaw of this Wagner paint sprayer is that it is not comfortable at all to hold. After use it for about a half hour or so, it will make you give in. Our hands start hurting, our arms get sore, and it will take longer for you to paint if you take time off to heal. We can’t really fault Wagner here, but at the same time, we would like something that is more comfortable to use.


  • Works with all finishes and paints.
  • Leaves behind a professional finish.
  • Sprays paint quietly.
  • Has a large paint cup.


  • Is not comfortable.

3. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

The second Wagner paint sprayer is called the Control Spray Double Duty. This Wagner comes with two paint cups, both of which are one quart and 1.5 quarts in size. Many users gravitate towards the larger cup, but if you do not wish to be bogged down by having to carry heavy paint, you could also try the smaller cup.

You can use this paint sprayer to spray one of many different liquids, such as stains, varnishes and lacquers. It can spray about 5 ounces in a minute, so that equates to 10 continuous minutes per fill of paint with the larger paint cup.

No matter if you use this Wagner paint sprayer indoors or outdoors, you will enjoy a smooth finish every time. The two-stage air turbine means that nothing can prevent the paint from coming out unevenly or roughly.

The variable control trigger that comes with this paint sprayer allows you to change the size of the spray. You can set it as low as an inch to as big as ten inches, allowing you to control where the paint goes every time and prevent overspray.

As far as warranties go, this paint sprayer includes one that lasts for a year. If something goes wrong with the sprayer and it is not your fault, you can get it replaced with no cost to you.

The one takeaway from this paint sprayer is that it is only recommended for thin paints and liquids. More traditional paints will have a tougher time spraying, as the nozzle is too small to spray the paint out in an even coat. It will come out either too rough or it won’t come out that well at all.


  • Leaves behind a professional finish.
  • Has a large paint cup.
  • Includes two paint comes.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Is great for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Not for thick paints.

4. Paint Sprayer,  HVLP 1100ml/min, 510W Paint Gun

The third of three Wagner paint sprayers is the Control Spray Max. It has some similarities compared to the Double Duty, but it is supposed to be considered an upgrade for slightly more money.

Like the second Wagner paint sprayer, this sprayer has two paint cups, but one is made of metal, instead of the typical plastic. The metal paint cup can take other liquids more kindly compared to the plastic cup, but the plastic cup is 1.5 quarts, whereas the metal one has just one quart.

This paint sprayer comes with not just one, but two different air filters, and this makes it so that you always get a clear and flawless flow of paint or other liquid that comes out the spray gun. It does a swell job of giving off a smooth finish.

Whereas the other paint sprayers have three spray patterns as a staple feature, this one only has two: The horizontal fan and vertical fan. The round spray pattern is not present, but that isn’t to say that you cannot spray a huge wall with one of the other two patterns.

You can entirely disassemble this paint sprayer on your own, and in doing so, you can easily clean each part. With water, and/or another cleaning product based on what liquid you use, you can be sure that the sprayer is 100 percent clean for the next time that you need it.

Along with the paint sprayer, you get a warranty that lasts for one year. If something goes wrong with the sprayer and it is not your fault, you can get it replaced with no cost to you.

One main problem with this paint sprayer is that the cord is not that long. It is solely designed for painting small areas and furniture, and it is not necessarily for painting entire rooms.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Leaves behind a professional finish.
  • Has a large paint cup.
  • Includes two paint comes.
  • Is easy to clean.


  • Cord is too short.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Paint Sprayer For The Money

There are many characteristics of each paint sprayer, and they are not all the same. The key characteristics to search for include the following:


All brands will say that their finishes on their products are professional, but you will need to see the sprayer work for yourself or hear from another consumer about how the product generally fares.


You would like a sprayer that is best for the liquid that you would like to use with it. It  can spray your liquid without any issue, then it simply is a product worth considering.

Paint Capacity

Some users prefer larger paint cups that can carry more paint, while others prefer carrying lighter guns overall. Choose the paint sprayer with a size that you best prefer.


Some paint sprayers have parts that you can take off, while others only allow you to remove the paint cup. The former allows you to clean the paint sprayer with water more thoroughly.

Spray Patterns

All paint sprayers should have these, but there are three spray patterns that you can choose from: The horizontal fan, the vertical fan, and the round shape. You are to select that one that is the most useful in your scenario.

Here are the brands that generally tap into cheap paint sprayers:

● HomeRight
● Wagner
● Tacklife
● Rexbeti
● Krause & Becker
● Vonhaus
● Fixkit

Do Affordable HVLP Paint Sprayers Actually Work?

Cheaper paint sprayers do a decent job, but you can’t really count on them to paint for a hobby or a profession. If you are eager to paint walls as a contractor where your job depends on it, you will need to buy a commercial paint sprayer that costs more money. If you are eager to do a simple painting project or two, though, you will find a cheaper paint sprayer to be worth the investment.

Final Verdict

The best affordable paint sprayer to order is the Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer.

This sprayer is simply the best of the best, and while it has a short power cord, it gives you all that you need to paint or finish any kind of application. After you’re done, cleaning is also a breeze, so you can use the paint sprayer once more for another time. This is why this paint sprayer from Wagner is the best affordable paint sprayer available.

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