5 Best Paint Sprayer For Ceilings & Wall 2019 – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

best paint sprayer for ceilings

It may sound very intimidating to paint a ceiling. Gravity tends to work against you, paint can constantly drip down to the floors and painting overhead can also cause several other challenges. With that in mind, you will need the best paint sprayer for ceilings and walls.

A good paint sprayer should be able to spray overhead on ceilings, atomize the paint into a fine mist and securely stick onto ceilings with minimal mess. There are many paint sprayers that you can buy, and in this review, we have five that you can look at from top brands including Wagner, Graco and Fuji.

Best Paint Sprayer For Ceilings - Comparison Table 



Hose Length

Editor Rating


Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 

28 Pounds

25 Feet

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 

27.9 Pounds

25 Feet

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand

19 Pounds

25 Feet

HomeRight C800971

2.76 Pounds


FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

10.15 Pounds


Top 5 Best Paint Sprayer For Ceilings - In Depth Reviewed 

1. Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM - T75G Gravity HVLP Spray System

Fuji is known for making some of the best commercial paint sprayers. Their Mini Mite 4 comes with various features that personal paint sprayers do not have, and you get it all with one large price.

Firstly, you are able to adjust the size of the pattern that you want to spray with the control knob. You can paint in small fans large ones, making this a versatile sprayer already that can cover large surfaces and smaller pieces of furniture.

Firstly, you are able to adjust the size of the pattern that you want to spray with the control knob. You can paint in small fans large ones, making this a versatile sprayer already that can cover large surfaces and smaller pieces of furniture.

The non-bleed spray gun makes every use flawless. 95 to 99 percent of your paint will spray out forwards and not drip down your hands, so you know that you aren’t wasting any paint or making a mess of things.

The paint cup is 20 ounces in paint capacity, and places on the top of the gun so that gravity work with it, not against it. This ensures that all you spray out is paint and not air.

This paint sprayer works well will thick paints to thinner stains. All types of liquids spray with a uniform finish and your walls and ceilings look buttery smooth with very minimal roughness to be found.

The dissipation box in the Mini Mite 4 ensures that the motor inside does not overheat, so that you can have the sprayer run for as long as you need to.

Additionally, owners enjoy a two year warranty on parts and labor. That is plenty of time to determine if your paint sprayer is either working as intended or there is something wrong with it.

With great power comes a big asking price. It’s a commercial paint sprayer, so we do not recommend getting this one unless you spray paint for a living. It wonders incredibly well with ceilings, but it’s not one that everyone should buy if they only have to paint one ceiling.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • No air comes out of the gun.
  • Works with any kind of paint and stain.
  • Adjustable spray pattern sizes.
  • Leaves behind a professional finish.


  • Is expensive.

2. Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

Fuji’s last sprayer was the Mini Mite 4, but this is the Mini Mite 3. This paint sprayer is slightly less expensive than the Mini Mite 4, and it retains some of the features that make it very effective for painting ceilings.

The control knob allows you to change the size of your spray pattern so that you can spray large surfaces or smaller objects.

The non-bleed gravity-based gun is present here, as well. Paint comes out, and all of it sprays onto your application without any problems

The cup, however, is considered an upgrade, with a one-quart (32-ounce) capacity over the Mini Mite 4’s 20-ounce capacity. The motor works to spray paint for up to six PSI (pounds per square inch). THis is a powerful sprays that also does a great job in delivering a nice and professional finish.

The Mini Mite 3 comes with a noise reduce for the motor. The loud noise is muffled so that you can enjoy a quieter paint-spraying experience compared to other commercial paint sprayers.

Additionally, owners enjoy a two year warranty on parts and labor. That is plenty of time to determine if your paint sprayer is either working as intended or there is something wrong with it.

While this paint sprayer is not as expensive as the other Fuji Mini Mite, it is somewhat more difficult to use. If you have not yet dabbled into commercial paint sprayers, this one will especially require some time to get used to. With that in mind, you do not want to get this if you only need it for one project and that’s it.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • No air comes out of the gun.
  • Includes a noise muffler.
  • Works with any kind of paint and stain.
  • Adjustable spray pattern sizes.
  • Leaves behind a professional finish.


  • Is expensive.
  • Has a steep learning curve.

3.Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X5 is another great paint sprayer that is more towards veteran painters than weekend warriors. This paint sprayer works to extract paint right from the bucket, and both one and five-gallon buckets are compatible. You get a powerful motor with this sprayer, at one half horsepower.

You can easily paint ceilings and more with this paint sprayer, all thanks to the extension tip that is included. For low ceiling about 10 feet high off the ground, you can use the tip to paint right at the ceiling, so that no treacherous ladders or stools are needed for you to stand on. This can also allow you much more mobility so that you can paint without staying in one spot every time.

The control knob for this paint sprayer adjusts the intensity of the flow of paint. You can either spray a strong stream or a light stream, whichever you need for your project. If you want to paint the ceiling, you will need a good, strong stream.

The Magnum line of paint sprayers are also known to be a snap to clean. You can attach the garden hose to the sprayer, turn the water on, and voila. All the excess paint rinses out in a few minutes.

This is another commercial sprayer that costs a lot of money. It is worth buying? Definitely. We love how it can clean very easily and the extension tip saves tons of time and risks. However, saving money might be something that matters more if you only need to use a paint sprayer for the short term.


  • Works with any kind of paint and stain.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with an extender tip.
  • Can use paint right from the bucket.


  • Is very pricy.

4. HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max Power Painter Home Sprayer

The final two paint sprayers are more for individuals that need their own projects done at home. This paint sprayer by HomeRight has a decent amount of power to it and it effectively easy to use. With paying less money, you cannot go wrong with a sprayer like this.

The HomeRight Finish Max comes with three spray patterns. You can switch between round, horizontal, and vertical spray patterns. You can use this sprays to paint a number of different applications. When it comes to the ceilings, however, it doesn't really matter which pattern you select.

This is a motorless paint sprayer. Without a motor, this sprayer works with just a fraction of the noise that the other commercial paint sprayers have. It does produce a noise, but it is nowhere near as noisy or irritating, which is a big plus to many homeowners.

This paint sprayer comes with a two-year warranty. If anything were to go bad with this paint sprayer and it is not from human error, you can potentially get a free replacement delivered to you.

What do we not like about this paint sprayer? The paint jobs that we have done with this sprayer are not smooth by any means. The paint sprays rather roughly and unevenly, and you will have to go over your ceiling with a brush following your spraying, just so that everything looks smooth.


  • Does not include a motor.
  • Is affordable.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Comes with three different spray patterns.


  • Delivers a rough finish.

5. FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

This final paint sprayer comes to us from Wagner, which offers a line of affordable and serviceable paint sprayers like the FLEXiO 590.

This paint sprayer really tries to provide that impatient painter with all that he or she needs; A large 48-ounce cup, for starters. With just one full cup of paint, you can cover over 100 square feet.

You can use almost any liquid with this paint sprayer no matter if it is a thick or a thin latex paint. Unlike HomeRight’s paint sprayer, you get a nice, even finish that you will not be disappointed with.

This is another quiet paint sprayer. While not the quietest, you can still have keep a conversation going with another person, as this sprayers runs at around 65 decibels.

You have up to nine different pressure settings to work with. You can choose a weak stream, a strong stream, of somewhere in between. You do not have to settle for lack of control or lack of speed; you can choose your setting and work in the pace you want.

The FLEXiO paint sprayer also comes with two different spray patterns. You can choose between a horizontal or vertical fan, but because you prefer to work on your ceiling, either one is fine.

The one thing about this paint sprayer that we have a problem with is that the sprayer is designed in a way in which your arms and hands will be sore for a period of time as you are using it. The weight is shifted forwards, making you have to deal with more weight for your hands than you have any right to.


  • Has nine different pressure settings.
  • Comes with two spray modes.
  • Works with any kind of paint and stain.
  • Does not include a motor.
  • Is affordable.


  • Is not a comfortable sprayer to use.

How To Choose The Best Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

It can be a hard decision to choose from several different paint sprayers for ceilings, so here are five things that we suggest when making your decision.

Extension Tips Are A Must-Buy

Extension tips allow you to extend your spray for a good several feet. You attach the tip to your nozzle and your paint sprays out the other end. Extension tips are wonderful attachments that save you lots of time and effort. You can reach the ceiling and spray it, and you can even spray a floor or deck and not even have to crouch down.

Consider Paint Capacity

Paint cups can with in both ways. Large paint cups store more paint, however, they can get heavier and more uncomfortable to use with your paint sprayer. Paint sprayers with smaller paint cups do not carry as much paint, but they are easier to hold, carry and control as you spray paint. You cannot go wrong with any size of paint cup, so choose the size that works the best for you.

Be Sure That Your Paint Sprayer Can Spray Upwards

Not all paint sprayers can spray at an angle, let alone towards the ceiling. To know if your paint sprayer is good for painting a ceiling with, be sure that you pay attention to the product description and see how it fares with ceilings. If there is no indication whether or not that the paint sprayer can spray upwards towards your ceiling, ask the customer support for more information.

Be Sure The You Have Enough Distance To Reach The Ceiling

Because you are spraying upwards, the distance from the gun to the application may be reduced. Without a ladder or extension tip, you might not have the necessary distance to reach your ceiling, so make sure you have the credentials to paint it. If you do not have enough distance, the paint will surely flutter back down and get on you and your floor.

Which remind us, here is a list of equipment that you should wear while operating a paint sprayer for ceilings:

● Face mask
● Coveralls or old clothes
● Gloves
● A hat to protect your hair

How To Paint a Popcorn Ceiling Using A Paint Sprayer

Is there a difference overall between how you would paint a normal ceiling and one that has a popcorn texture? Truth be told, not really. The wrinkles on the ceiling are not all that brittle, and they can be entirely covered with paint without any problems down the road.

Before painting your ceiling, take all furniture out of the room, if not done so already. If you have furniture that you cannot take out of the room, move it to the center of the room and be sure it is entirely covered.

Cover your floors with newspaper and your walls with tarp. To avoid getting paint on corners, use trim for painter’s tape and place it along edges and corners where you do not want paint to go.

Use a canister vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling and remove any cobwebs from the corners. Use a water sprayer or sponge to lightly wet the ceiling with water.

When you begin spraying paint, start at the corner of the ceiling. Spray from one side of the room to the other. Spray again from one side of the room to the other, leaving half of an overlap, so your finish is rich and even, and that no spots are missed. Repeat the process until you cover the entire ceiling.

If you do miss any sports or notice any rough patches in the ceiling, go over them with a hand brush. Do not dip the brush in paint, unless the paint has already dried on the ceiling.

When all paint has been applied, wait for several hours for the paint to dry.

Once the paint dried, you should first remove the painter’s tape, then remove all coverings, newspaper and tarp from the room. Put back any light fixtures, switches, and furniture and move them all back into place.

And of course, clean your paint sprayer so that it is ready to use the next time. Refer to your paint sprayer’s manual for how to clean your sprayer. Leaving the sprayer be could potentially harden the paint inside of the sprayer and gun.

Final Verdict:

The best paint sprayer for ceilings and walls is none other than the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer.

Being the only paint sprayer to come with an extension tip, this can easily make a world of different for your painting project. Just attach the extension tip to the spray gun, and you can have your paint reach any low ceiling without having to get on a ladder. If the room is completely empty, lay down some tarp, and you can easily walk and spray the ceiling from one end of the room to the other.

With another sprayer, you will simply have to get on a ladder, spray the area, get off the ladder, move the ladder, get on the ladder again, spray another area, rinse, lather, repeat. This can take you hours, if not days, to do just for one room. This is why the Graco Magnum is the best paint sprayer for ceilings .

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