5 Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use – Top Reviewed For 2019

Best Paint Sprayer For Home

You are likely looking for quick and snappy ways to paint walls, decks, patios, furniture or anything else that you can think of. One way you can paint surfaces evenly and in a swift, timeless manner is with the best paint sprayer for home.

While there is a bit of preparation time to get a paint sprayer to work as intended, there is no real skill or talent required in order to use them properly.

We will be reviewing five popular paint prayers from brands such as Wagner and HomeRight. Each of them comes with great features and a few things that limit it or need improvements on. At the end of our review, we will show you to the pant sprayer that we recommend to you the most.

Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use - Comparison Chart



Hose Length

Editor Rating


HomeRight Finish Max C800766

2.76 Pounds


Graco Magnum 262800 X 5

19 Pounds

25 Feet

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray

11.2 Pounds

20 Feet

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart

26 Pounds

25 Feet

FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

10.15 Pounds


Top 5 Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use - In Depth Reviews

1. HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer Power Painter

The first paint sprayer is from HomeRight, and it comes in a beautiful royal blue shell. It can store 27 ounces of paint and it comes in a variety of different features. This is the smallest capacity paint cup in this review. This is a self-containing paint sprayer where no compressor is necessary. This paint sprayer can spray paint, varnish and stain.

This paint sprayer disperses paint smoothly and in high quality. You can spray even coats of paint flawlessly without having to touch up with a messy brush afterwards. This is done with the adjustable air cap in the Finish Max, converting the paint into tiny particles for a professional level finish.

The nozzle can be set to one of three modes. Horizontal spraying for up and down strokes, vertical spraying for side to side strokes, and round spraying for irregular applications.

Furthermore, this paint sprayer comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty. If for some reason the sprayer were to fail or break on its own, you will get a new paint sprayer if it occurred within two years of ownership.

The problem that we have observed with the Finish Max, though, is that paint constantly gets clogged. What happens is that very little paint will spray, and the majority of it will drip off the side of the container. This paint sprayer has likely been designed to work for finish and other thin liquids in mind. While there is a warranty, it does not cover clogs, however.


  • Uses paints, stains and varnishes.
  • Atomizes paint into fine particles.
  • Comes with three spray modes.
  • Has a two-year warranty.
  • Has a nice design.


  • Paint will often get clogged.
  • Does not hold a lot of paint.

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X 5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

The Magnum X5 resembles a commercial spray painter that all the expert painters and specialists use. It can spray at 0.27 gallons of paint per minute with a nozzle that is 0.015 inches in diameter. This is a 13-pound sprayer that can spray paint with the paint still in the bucket. It is compatible with buckets that are one or five gallons.

Whether you are painting walls, floors or furniture, this sprayer gives you all the control and room you need to get every square inch that you have to paint. A spray tip is also included so that you can paint hard-to-reach areas and spray floors without having to adjust your body. You can also opt to paint with latex paint, stain or varnish if necessary.

You can also adjust the pressure of this paint sprayer with a turn of the knob. If you want a strong stream of paint or a light stream, you can choose to have either. You can easily clean the Magnum X5 out. All you have to do is attach it to a garden hose and your paint will be thoroughly rinsed and removed. The Magnum X5 is powered with a one-half horsepower universal motor.

As far as flaws go, this is more on the expensive side. Is it worth the money that it sells for? Absolutely. The question is though, are you looking to paint something just once, or anticipate multiple paint projects in the coming years? If the answer is the former, then this is something that you should not consider buying.


  • Uses paints, stains and varnishes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with an extender tip.
  • Can use paint right from the bucket.


  • it Is very pricy.

3. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer, 1.5 Quart Capacity, 20' Hose

Wagner is no stranger to the home improvement game. The Control Spray Max sprayer has a 48-ounce capacity of paint. This paint sprayer can spray paint, stains, latex paint and even thinners and lacquers.

This paint sprayer comes in two different containers for your paint: One that is made of plastic and the other made of metal. This gives you options for what you would like your paint to be housed in. If your paint or other liquid reacts oddly to plastic, then it’s a better idea to house it in metal. The plastic cup is better for larger volume applications like fences and decks.

With the Control Spray Max sprayer, you are sure to get professional and even coats of paint. The Control Spray Max also includes two different air filters so that dust does not mar your finish.

You can also adjust the flow control so that you can go from painting things like large walls to small objects in a short amount of time. Like the Finish Max, this paint sprayer also has three different spray modes: Round, vertical, and horizontal. Setting the spray mode will always make your applications easy and hassle-free.

Cleaning this sprayer is also easy. Since this product does not come with very many parts, you can use water to rinse every part thoroughly. For latex paints, you will need mineral spirits along with your water.

The thing that we did not like about this paint sprayer is that the power cord is very short. Expect to connect an extension cord or two for you to reach a larger area. By how it is designed, it is more ideal for smaller applications, even though efforts have been made to accomodate large-volume areas.


  • Comes with three spray modes.
  • Uses paints, stains and varnishes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Come with two paint cups.


  • Comes with a short power cord.

4. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

This is Graco’s second paint sprayer: The Magnum X7. Like the X5, the Magnum X7 is a heavy-duty paint sprayer that fetches for a high price, but its results and features are amazing. It can spray paint right from its bucket, and can work with one or five-gallon buckets. You can use paint, latex paint and stain with this sprayer.

Also like the X5, this version also can clean easily by connecting to a garden hose. You can rinse its system right out this way, and will spare you of any extra work you would have to do to clean it manually. This sprayer also comes with a spray tip for easier painting.

One unique feature that the Magnum X7 has is the reverse tip feature. If your tip gets clogged, you can simply reverse the tip and use the other side so that you can continue to work.

The Magnum X7 comes with wheels so that you can cart a five-gallon can of paint around with your other painting equipment, so that you don’t have to waste time moving things around and have more time to paint.

This paint sprayer also comes with a five-eighths horsepower motor and can spray at 0.31 gallons per minute. These are some slight upgrades that can cost a little bit more money, but they can make all the difference. Furthermore, the Magnum X7 is slightly heavier than the Magnum X5, but the wheels help to mitigate this problem rather effortlessly.


  • Uses paints, stains and varnishes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with an extender tip.
  • Can use paint right from the bucket.


  • it Is very pricy.

5. FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer

The final paint sprayer comes to us courtesy of Wagner; It is their FLEXiO 590. Like the other Wagner paint sprayer, its paint cup can hold 48 ounces of paint, and can cover 125 square feet in one session.

The FLEXiO can spray paints, latex paints, stains, sealants, urethanes and oil based liquids. If you need to water seal your deck after you painted your living room, this paint sprayer allows you the versatility to do just that.

This paint prayer is very powerful for its size. With nine different speeds of pressure, you can control how powerful or how gentle you want your applications.

It provides surfaces with a smooth and professional finish that only a paint roller could promise you. Furthermore, this paint sprayer is rather quiet. You can still have a meaningful conversation while you paint at 65 decibels.

There are two different spray modes that you can toggle with the pattern adjustment ring: horizontal and vertical mode. This way, you do not need to turn the paint sprayer sideways and risk something in the process. Included is an additional nozzle for finishing. If you want to finish a deck or wood furniture, this is the nozzle to do the job with.

With that said, the control on the FLEXiO is not great. If you direct this sprayer upwards, the paint is sure to splatter and it will not come out as smooth. Some products have it so that ceiling applications are more tolerable, but this is not one of those products, unfortunately.


  • Has nine different speeds.
  • Comes with two spray modes.
  • Uses paints, stains and varnishes.
  • Sprays paint quietly.


  • Does not do great on ceilings.

How To Choose The Right Paint Sprayers For Home Use

There are many traits of a paint sprayer to consider. Each model of paint sprayer that you look at will have different specifications. Here are all the traits for a paint sprayer that can impact your decision for which paint sprayer to purchase.


Horsepower, in essence, determines the strength of the motor in a paint sprayer. More horsepower means more paint shoots out the nozzle and thicker coats of paint end up on the painted surface. Higher horse powered paint sprayers will generally take less time painting a wall or floor.

By the same token, paint sprayers with small horsepower allow you to control the paint better and watch where you are spraying. If your applications are rather unusual or unique in shape, you will find a paint sprayer with a weaker horsepower to be more tolerable.


Many paint sprayers have guns that are light to carry around. They can weigh as much as ten pounds, and others can weigh as light as two and a half. Lighter paint sprayers are usually easier for users to hold, however, lighter paint sprayers tend to have smaller cups to house paint. A paint sprayer with a big paint cup that is nearly full can really contribute to the tolerance of the user.


Some paint sprayers come with a cup that you pour paint in, so that you can take this paint anywhere you go as you spray. Lighter capacities are easy to carry around, but you can run out of paint fairly quickly, and you will need to refill the paint cup more often than using a larger paint cup. With larger paint cups, you can paint more surface area until you run out of paint.


Paint sprayers product noise that can compete in loudness with other noises like blenders, lawn mowers and power tools. There are some users that can tolerate loudness more than others, but there are also some paint sprayers that offer noises that are not as loud. Much of the noise is contributed to the motor that is running, in addition to how the paint is atomized and forced in front of the user operating the paint sprayer.


If a paint sprayer is costly, that usually means it is of very high quality and comes with many different benefits. Inexpensive paint sprayers come with acceptable quality, and are usually simpler to use, but with some limitations. There are many paint sprayers that come in all kinds of prices, and the best paint sprayer for may neither be the most expensive or the least expensive.

Here are other things to consider when choosing a paint sprayer:

  • Some paint sprayers can be disassembled easily for better cleaning.
  • Paint sprayers come with long or short cords that you attach to the motor, allowing you a limited range to walk around.
  • Many paint sprayers can also work with latex paints, thinners, lacquers, and stains. Refer to the product details to determine the type of liquids that the paint sprayer can spray.

How To Spray A House With A Paint Sprayer

You can use paint sprayers to paint, stain or finish many parts of the home, including your walls, floors, siding, decks, and furniture.

Today’s paint sprayers are usually straightforward. As paint sprayers were first introduced, a lot of effort had to go into setting them up, but the sprayers in this review are all fairly easy to assemble and use for painting.

Paint is either loaded into a plastic cup, or the bucket is affixed to the paint sprayer in some fashion, such as with the Graco paint sprayers. Be sure that every part of your sprayer is secured in place and nothing is loose or unsecured.

When painting walls and siding with a paint sprayer, always start at the top. Adjust the nozzle to it’s vertical setting so that the paint fans then you motion it side to side. Spray within one to three feet of the object that you are painting, and move the sprayer across from one end to the other carefully. Spray further on down in rows with a little bit of overlap in between. This ensures that you have a coat that is even all throughout and no areas are missed.

If you are painting a floor or deck, start with the furthest most side of the area opposite the entry way or the opposite the area where people mostly frequent. You can choose either the horizontal or vertical setting, but the same rules apply as painting a vertical wall. Go side to side carefully and be sure to overlap.

How To Maintain A Paint Sprayer

After every use, a paint sprayer has to be thoroughly washed out with water. Paint sprayers are generally safe for washing, and they can either be washed out with a hose or submerged in water entirely.

If a paint sprayer is not washed out, the paint inside is sure to dry. The next time you use the paint sprayer, it will alter the effects of your new paint. You can get a paint in a darker, browner color than desired, or the effects of other substances like stains and paint thinners will be useless. That is why it is important to wash your paint sprayer thoroughly after each use, and not stored to dry until completely clean.

After using a paint sprayer with other substances like oil based paints and lacquers, other cleaning products are required along with water, such as mineral spirits, dishwasher detergent, and other liquids.

Which Is Better: HVLP or Airless Paint Sprayers? 

These two kinds of paint sprayers look identical, but there is one major thing that sets them apart.

HVLP sprayers specialize in applications that are small in scale, such as furniture, artwork, shelves, and other personalized objects. HVLP sprayers generally atomize paint and spray it out in very small and fine particles in a slow and careful manner. In the end, though, you will get a uniform coat of paint.

Airless sprayers are considered high-volume tools that are for bigger jobs, such as walls, porches, patios, decks, siding and floors. Because no air is involved in the process of spraying paint, there is no resistance when paint gets atomized and blasted onto an object. Airless sprayers even have PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings. Some airless sprayers can even allow you to control the speed of the application.

In short, HVLP sprayers spray paint in a small, precise manner, while airless sprayers spray in a larger and more forceful manner.

One type of paint sprayer is not known to be better than the other, and the better of the two types of sprayers really depends on what you need to get done. If you need to paint furniture, crafts, or other small areas, you will enjoy using an HVLP sprayer. If you have to paint a wall or floor, then an airless paint sprayer will suit you better.

Who Needs To Own A Paint Sprayer? 

Homeowners that need to paint a wall or stain a deck can greatly benefit by using a paint sprayer. If a weekend project is in the cards for an individual or family, we suggest an inexpensive paint sprayer will serve well. If a family is looking to renovate a home one step at a time, a more expensive paint sprayer with more capabilities will be worth the money.

Home builders and interior designers also need paint sprayers for every home that they work on. These personnel either have their own commercial-grade paint sprayers or buy industrial-grade ones. Paint sprayers can help cut time on developing homes and rooms, and speedier developments usually lead to better reviews, granted that the quality of work does not take a hit.

Final Verdict:

The best paint sprayer for home in this review is the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer.

With this paint sprayer, you don’t need to load any paint, and that’s one step in the paint spraying process that nobody likes to deal with. While it only takes paint from one and five-gallon cans of paint, these are the most common sizes you can buy for larger-scale projects.

This paint sprayer is worth the money that it sells for. Once you own this paint sprayer, you get a positive experience painting or staining every time. It comes with all the credentials to ensure a fast and professional paint job without any setbacks or limitations.

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