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It is an old but very effective saying that Prevention is better than cure if you are organizing a space then the first thing that you cannot compromise upon in the safety and well-being of everyone occupying the space. Now it can be your sweet home, your Car, your shop or the entire residential/ commercial complex, you should always be caring and concerned about safety measures. Since accidents are not planned, the only thing we can do is to be prepared for any such unforeseen incidents and be mindful of using the appropriate devices accordingly when the situation occurs. In case of fire, a Fire Extinguisher can prove to be a big boon to handle and fight sudden mishaps. This active fire protection tool has to be easily seen from a small shop or from a skyscraper. Now the Question that strikes your mind is about, which class of product you should buy that will fulfill all your need and demands. Although you might be aware of the product and its usage however, we want you to know every detail about a Fire Extinguisher from different categories of the product range.

Leave all your worries behind as we have got solution for all your questions and assist you to get to know the product better and remain conscious and aware about purchasing a fire extinguisher that best suits your needs and comes with desired features to act accordingly.

Please find the following informative important pointers to be kept in mind while searching for a fire suppression tool, as these will help you to identify your true requirement and find the suitable carbon tetrachloride cylinder to shut fire off.

Know your Surroundings

– While buying adequate fire fighting equipment, first and foremost thing is to be aware of the area that you want to prevent and secure from fire. You get to know the surroundings well as if it includes wood, paper or textile? Or you are working in electronic ware, hospital or hostel so that you can choose the ideal Fire Extinguisher.

Classification of Fire types

Class A. Class A type of Fire Extinguisher helps to put out the fire caused of ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, plastic, textile, etc. by applying water for its heat absorbing effect of fire property. A fire fighting equipment that is suitable for your ordinary fire can be identified by the letter "A" highlighted in a triangle shape. Like Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher and Amerex B500 Fire Extinguisher best for home usage purpose.

Class B. Type B class of fire extinguisher is used for the fire that spreads because of flammable liquid like perfumes and gas fire like petroleum or gasoline type of dry chemicals. This device bereaves the fire of oxygen and obstructs fire flame. It contains Foam suitable for the petrol pump, perfume shop it can be identified by a letter "B" highlighted in the square geometrical shape. Victory 2 and First alert are the manufacturers of type ABC fire fighting solutions.

Class C. Type C class of Fire Extinguisher are designed to cut off the fire provoked by the shot circuit in electrical appliances, wirings or electronic device. The mechanism introduced to fight in the equipment needs a dielectric agent (carbon dioxide) to extinguish. It consists of a dry powder suitable for electronic shop, computer labs and data centers. This type of Fire Extinguishers can easily be identified by letter "C" highlighted in a circle shape. Eco fire and Geek goodies are type C Fire Extinguishers.

Class D. In this category fire extinguisher is used for burning metal like sodium and copper. It needs an agent that doesn't react with burning metal like carbon dioxide. Suitable for the industrial purpose it can be identified by letter "D" highlighted in a five-point star shape

Class K. It works on the principle of Saponification and overcomes grease oil or fat element. Basically, it is used in Restaurants area for industrial cooking level. A wet chemical Potassium Chloride used in these types of Fire Extinguisher and can be identified by letter "K" mentioned in the hexagon shape

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Protection and Caution: Each class extinguisher is used for its specified use you, for example, you cannot use class a device which sprays water in fire caused by electronics or oil, while class c can be used for the class a and b. so make your choice wisely if you need it for industrial purpose or residential area.

User-Friendly: Since we know that size matters, so Fire Extinguishers are available in different sizes from bottles to large cylinders, so go for it as per the requirement. Fire suppression unit must be easy to use so anyone can use it in case of an emergency. Like Kidde FA110 Fire Extinguisher can be used by people suffering from arthritis or with weak fingers and First Alert AF400-2 Fire Extinguisher is in a spray form so even kids can use it.

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