How To Paint Your House Exterior with An Airless Paint Sprayer

How To Paint Your House Exterior with An Airless Paint Sprayer

Do you need to paint the exterior of your house? An airless paint sprayer may be a great option for you.Today, I’m going to tell you how to paint your house exterior with an airless paint sprayer. I’ll tell you every tool and item that you’ll need. Then, I’ll review the step-by-step process on painting the outside of your house with an airless paint sprayer.

Painting the exterior of your house with an airless sprayer can be a fun DIY project that makes your house look great. I wrote this tutorial to make this easier for you - enjoy!

What You Will Need to Follow this Tutorial

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    Airless paint sprayer.
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    2 Spray tips - one with a wider spray pattern for larger surface areas and a narrower tip for smaller surface areas.
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    2 Empty buckets. One will hold the paint for spraying and other is for clean up.
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    Stirring sticks.
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    Tarps, drop cloths, cellophane wrap, and/or plastic sheeting.
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    Masking and painter’s tape.
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    A few small paint brushes for touch-ups.
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    Ladder - if your job involves height or hard to reach places, consider getting an extender for the sprayer. Also get additional airless hose sections if the job calls for it.
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    Cleaning rags and miscellaneous clean-up supplies (like nylon brushes.)
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    Safety and protection equipment – safety glasses/goggles, dust mask/respirator, spray sock or hat to cover head, etc.

Step By Step Instructions

1.Prepare The Outside of Your House

Get the outside of your house ready for painting. This means getting rid of any furniture or stuff that might accidentally get sprayed by paint. Cover up windows with cellophane or plastic wrapping. You’ll also want to clean the surface areas that you’re going to paint. Make sure the side of your house is free of dirt, mildew and mold. Scrape away any old, peeling paint. If the outside of your house has any damages that need to be fixed - like loose nails or gaps that need caulk - repair these issues before you paint.

exterior house paint prep

2.Set Up for the Job

Lay down tarps to cover up the grass or ground around the outside of your house. Make sure you have plenty of space to work. Organize your tools in a way where you can access them quickly and you know where everything is. Lay down tarps and (if applicable) mix your paint. You want to minimize the amount of mess and spills that you might make while you work. Get your safety gear on. Every bit of preparation helps!

paint tools

3.Get Comfortable With the Airless Sprayer

Unless you’ve done this before, your first few sprays may not be perfect. Start the painting on a flat area of your home where you can ‘practice.’ Don’t begin the job in the front of your home or somewhere that if visually obvious. Make sure you’re using the right tip for the sprayer’s application. Wide end tips are for large, flat areas. Narrow tips are for smaller, tighter jobs. The sprayer tip should be kept about 12 inches from the surface area.

Spray Siding

4.Paint Your House Exterior In The Proper Order

Once you feel comfortable with the sprayer, paint the eaves (undersides of the roof.) Do these and any other overhangs before painting the rest of the house. Next, move onto the actual sides of your home. First, use a narrow tip to paint the areas around windows and doors. Then, move on to a wider tip to take care of the rest of the surface. Aim for a 50% overlap in the paint sprays.

5.Move the Airless Paint Sprayer Side to Side, Up and Down

When using the spray gun, paint from the top down. Move the sprayer in a horizontal motion from one direction to the other while continuing in a downward path. The paint may trickle down slightly, so with even strokes you can cover these imperfections. For wood beams, trusses, or other items with specific patterns, spray in a direction that follows the pattern of the object.Typically, this means fanning out patterns lengthwise

Painting a wall, exterior

6.Complete the Paint Job!

Leave yourself enough time to do the job correctly. The airless sprayer helps, but this is still hard work! If you need to, paint small sections of you home at different times. Be sure to evenly your sprays for a quality finish. Read this article for advanced sprayer techniques. Use small brushes to even out the job with touch ups. Clean up when you’re finished and reset your property to how it was.

Painting a house with a paint sprayer


Did you learn something about painting your house exterior? Did you enjoy the tutorial? Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

I want to help you with using an airless paint sprayer to paint the exterior of your house. If you have any questions, or if I can help you more, please reach out!

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